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Dr Bob GordonDr. Bob Gordon is a cognitive psychologist and mental fitness coach. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Psychologist award. Also an attorney, he is recognized by his peers as a preeminent rated attorney with expertise in how judges, mediators, arbitrators and jurors perceive evidence and make decisions. He is boarded in his specialties of clinical psychology which includes testing mental and competency assessments.

He interned in neuropsychology with the Veterans Administration in Texas. He completed a visiting fellowship in fmri and eeg brain imaging at the Martinos Institute which a joint program of the Harvard Medical School program and MIT. He has conducted brain studies of collaboration with Dr. David Hubbard at the fMRI Institute in San Diego. He has also studied EEG and Neurofeedback at the Fhemi Institute in Princeton. He was inspired to study brain images by brain localization pioneer Wildred Penfield at McGill University in Canada. [See DrBob.com]..

Ali Mirza

Ali Mirza Ali Mirza is a co founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Brainazon. Educated in engineering with an MBA, Ali focuses on Brainazon's internet marketing and business strategy. He is a creative thinker and inventor of 9 US patents. When not working, he exercises his mental abilities by reading, thinking and planning.

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