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The BrainSync Game™ is a fascinating new educational experience of cooperation. It helps family law clients successfully prepare for ADR. When jointly recommended by the parties' attorneys, BrainSync™ brightens the prospect for successful negotiation, mediation or collaboration. The game is usefully played by spouses and parents going experiencing divorce related issues such as property, parenting and related conflicts. Designed by psychologist- lawyer, Dr. Robert Gordon, its purpose is to help spouses in conflict gain a special insight- they can learn to cooperate in a way never imagined possible. It's an attitude changer.

Brain Sync GamePlayed on a computer monitor, interesting animated events are seen and heard. They are directly controlled by the brain waves of the players. The process is called neurofeedback. It is a form of biofeedback. Success in play can only occur when there are two cooperating players.

Cooperation between people in conflict can be mastered in a variety of ways- examples are self help, counseling, coaching, meditation and spiritual guidance. Cooperation achieved by brain synchrony can lead to a dramatic shift in the thinking of the players- with the help of their lawyers, a common goal such as an agreed settlement can be achieved for property, parenting or related issues. It could never be achieved by one spouse alone. The animation of the game won't run unless the brain synchrony of two relaxed minds is achieved.

By way of explanation- Every person has brain waves. The primary ones are called delta, theta, alpha and beta. At any given time, certain brain waves dominate our experience. For example, when sleeping, we primarily produce delta waves. Engaged in strenuous physical or mental activity, beta waves predominate. When we are in a relaxed state, alpha waves dominate.

Brain Sync Game Brain waves are recorded by EEG hardware [electroencephalograph]. This technology senses and records brain waves. It has been safely and reliably used in medicine for more than 50 years. What's new is the recording of the brain wave patterns of two or more people at the same time. This work was pioneered by Dr. Leslie Fehmi and Social Worker Susan Shor Fehmi at the Princeton Biofeedback Center. The apparatus and software used for Dr. Gordon protocol is FDA registered

Scientific research indicates that a person can learn to produce the type of brain wave patterns they choose. This can be done cooperatively by two or more people at the same time. The 2006 Italian Soccer Team, for example, that won the World Cup did so. Teachers and coaches know that learning occurs only with reliable cognitive feedback about how a student or adult is doing at a particular task or subject. This type of neurofeedback has also been used to help train astronauts at NASA.

While working with a couple in conflict, Gordon serendipitously realized that learning to cooperate occurs in the brain of two people in conflict when each receives feedback that synchrony is achieved. He adapted this discovery into a practical educational procedure- the BrainSync Game™. The feedback for the game is surprisingly simply- a pleasing sound and an enjoyable visual animation.

Playing BrainSync™, divorcing spouses learn they can synchronize their brain waves with the result of a relaxed mental state. Metaphorically, they are learning to cooperate with each other by "getting on the same wave length." After one to three BrainSync™ sessions, negotiating, mediating or collaborating attorneys receive a progress report. Settlement discussions continue. The game is mobile. It can be played at the Wilmington Institute, at the office of a collaborating mental health professional or life coach. It can be played at a mediator's or attorney's office immediately prior to settlement discussions.

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