Best Brain Boosting Games. Five Star Ratings.

The Brainazon™ Experts Panel of doctors, researchers and teachers rate and recommend the following games. Ratings are based upon research studies, expert opinion, and enjoyment of play.

  1. Lumosity.com
    Visit: Lumosity.com.

    An outstanding resource for playing computer games designed to improve mental functioning.
  2. Cogmed Working Memory Training.
    Visit: Cogmed.com.

    An impressive brain training computer based programs designed to increased working memory. Backed by research at Harvard and Duke Universities. Programs for preschool, school age and adults.
  3. Brain Academy.
    Visit: Nintendo.com and BrainAge.com.

    Enjoyable hand held and computer games. Designed to increase blood flow to the prefrontal cortex which increases awareness and imaging and problem solving abilities.
  4. Chess
    Visit: Microsoft.com. Downloadable chess titan computer based program. MiltonBradley.com and Hasbro.com.

    Chess improves areas of your brain across the two hemispheres including concentration, critical thinking, neural organization, impulse control, social skill aptitudes.

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