Dr Bob Gordon & Dr. David Hubbard fmri Institute, San DiegoImaging

Brainazon™ Five Star Brain Ratings for brain research. Research at the University of Washington has created images of the brain in a cooperative state and in a state of conflict.

Credit for these images is attributed to noted scientists:
J. Decety, P. Jackson, J. Sommerville, T. Chaminade, A. Meltzoff.

To the right is pictured Dr.David Hubbard of the fMRI Institute of San Diego and Dr. Bob Gordon of Brainazon conducting fMRI research.

Activation in the Brain

Cooperation and Conflict



What does love look like?

What does love look like?

The first images of love were produced by noted brain scientists Andreas Bartels PhD who interned at the renowned Max-Planck Institute in Germany and by Professor Semir Keki at the respected Imperial College of London.

Brain Wave Training

Below are brain mapping images recorded during brain wave training.

EEG brain mapping images

The EEG used during brain wave training is safe. The process is enjoyable. "It measures the electrical patterns coming from the brain - much like a physician listens to your heart from the surface of your skin. We are usually not aware of our brain waves. But when we see them on a computer screen, we can influence and change them." Cory Don Hammond, PhD.

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Brain Wave Training
Brain Wave Training