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Brainazon People Montage Brainazon™ is the premier mental fitness internet site. It's a window of opportunity to help you maintain and enhance your mental fitness and those you care about. We rate and recommend resources, services and products that are based on scientific research and valued expert opinion. Services that we recommend are used by millions of people each day.

The Mental Fitness Paradigm Brainazon™'s proprietary mental fitness exercises are fast, fun and free. They are based on factors used in the the best tests of mental ability. The exercised are designed to stimulate areas of the brain associated with using the mental ability factors. Cognitive coaching services by Brainazon certified experts use state of the art methods to help you remember, understand information and make good decisions.

Brainazon.com is modeled by nationally recognized cognitive psychologist and coach, Dr. Bob Gordon. He works in association with the WIN Panel of international experts, scientists and educators

Brainazon™ methods are based on a galleria of advances in neuroscience and mental fitness. These advances have been featured on media leaders:

Media Logos CNN, OWN, News International

Recommended services and products are based on neuroscience breakthroughs at major learning centers such as : Harvard, MIT and The European Neuroscience Institute at Strasbourg

Harvard, MIT, European Neuroscience Institute

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